As featured as the cover story on CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood, twice featured on the TODAY SHOW; Treating the families; not the cancer® and TODAY SHOW celebrates JAJF’s first 10 years, on NBC’s Sunday Night Football and by Sanjay Gupta twice: Sanjay Gupta prescribes JAJF  and Sanjay Gupta interviews Jon Albert…a true holiday gift,

JAJF, a national 501(c)(3), treats children facing the imminent loss of their young Mom or Dad to cancer to WOW! Experiences®…a timeout together as a family away from their late stage cancer to fabulous destinations to create positive, cherished, lasting (indispensable) memories…while they can.  Oncologists prescribe JAJF as part of the treatment protocol for the patient, the spouse and their children…the family together which is extraordinary.  Oncologists have validated the medicinal impact JAJF is having in the immediate term and now longer term for these families especially the children who are losing their heroes and security blankets at such a vulnerable time. Oncologist believe in the power of beaches, sunsets, sports, music and roller coasters and FUN as a family. JAJF has provided WOW! Experiences® to thousands of children and their Moms and Dads across the United States since 2006.

Their supporters appreciate:  Cancer does not just strike the Mom or Dad; it strikes their children as well. These children are at risk also. These children and families together deserve a timeout to experience–to feel–to capture positive, fun time together and lasting memories… while they can.

Their supporters also agree:  The best part of memories is making them®.  So, Hurry Up and Live!®

As a unique organization serving an overlooked population, there is a need to keep fighting the fight; there is also a need to keep fighting for treasured family time for these young parents who just won’t be saved by the next wonder drug, trial or hope for a cure.  JAJF is supported by individual financial donors and corporate in-kind partners who make WOW! Experiences® possible. To fund your own young, late stage family or to become a member of the WOW! Society, please go to These videos and JAJF’s stellar audit results year after year (on the website) are the best ways to peel back the layers and conduct due diligence on JAJF. The praise we are most proud of is when people repeatedly say how measurable (and meaningful) the impact is.  “There is no black hole.”

The broader educational message: It should not take a terminal diagnosis for us all to slow down and Hurry up and Live!®  We are educating and reinforcing to children and adults alike the importance of family time and the long term value and “greatest gift” of family memories.

Jon Albert , JAJF’s Founder was honored as the 2010 Humanitarian of the Year and in 2011 as the Avis National Spirit recipient at Yankee Stadium, was US TRAVEL’s 2015 National Inspiration Award recipient and in 2016 as the Tampa Bay Community HERO by the Lightning Foundation.

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